Precautions for ringlock scaffolding when set up

1. Make a special construction plan for the support system in the early stage, position the line to make the support system horizontal and vertical, to ensure the setting of the scissor brace and the overall connecting rod in the later stage to ensure its overall stability and anti-overturning performance;

2. The installation foundation of ringlock scaffolding must make the concrete tamped and leveled and take concrete hardening measures;

3. Ringlock scaffolding uses the same elevation of the beam slab bottom plate elevation range. When using a single-member support frame with a large height and span, check the tensile force of the cross rod and the axial pressure of the vertical rod to ensure the stability of the frame.

4. After the erection of the frame body is completed, sufficient scissor supports should be added, and sufficient horizontal tie rods should be added between the top support and the crossbar of the frame body 300-500mm so that the overall stability can be reliably guaranteed;

Post time: Jun-02-2021