Precautions for industrial disc-type scaffolding

1. Purchase
When purchasing disc-type scaffolding, it is recommended that you choose a relatively large disc-type scaffolding manufacturer, as the quality is more guaranteed. In addition, you should also pay attention to the following aspects when choosing high-quality scaffolding:

(1) Welding joints. The discs and other accessories of the disc-type scaffolding are welded on the frame tube. To ensure quality, you must choose products with full welds.

(2) Scaffolding tubes. When choosing disc-type scaffolding, pay attention to whether the scaffolding tube has bending phenomena, whether there are burrs on the broken ends, and avoid these problems.

(3) Wall thickness. When purchasing disc-type scaffolding, you can check the wall thickness of the scaffolding tube and the disc to see if it meets the standard.

2. Construction
When constructing a disc-type scaffolding, a professional must prepare a construction plan in advance, and then the professional must build it step by step from bottom to top, in the order of vertical poles, horizontal bars, and diagonal rods.

3. Construction
During the construction process, the construction must be strictly to the construction specifications of the disc-type scaffolding. It is strictly forbidden to use it beyond the load capacity. Construction workers must also take safety measures as required. Chasing on the construction platform is not allowed. Construction is also not allowed in strong winds, thunderstorms, and other weather conditions.

4. Disassembly
The disassembly of the disc-type scaffolding should be planned uniformly and disassembled in the opposite order of construction. When disassembling, you should also pay attention to handling it with care. It is strictly forbidden to throw it directly. The disassembled parts should also be neatly stacked.

5. Storage
The disc-type scaffolding should be stored separately according to different parts, and it is required to be neatly stacked and placed in a dry and well-ventilated place. In addition, the storage location should be selected in a place with corrosive objects.

Post time: Jul-09-2024

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