Painted Scaffolding VS Galvanized Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a construction tool used to support construction personnel working at height. As we can see that there are some scaffolding systems are painted while other scaffolding systems are galvanized. But why are some scaffolding system painted while others are galvanized?

Painted Scaffolding System

The main reason why scaffolding is being painted is to reduce rust and oxidization of the steel. When scaffolding is painted, it gives the “protect layer” to prevent steel from corrosion and rust.

Why not choosing galvanized scaffolding?

It’s been a long time for galvanized scaffolding to take up the market due to its higher production cost compared to painted scaffolding. The whole process of galvanization is more time-consuming and thus, more expensive for the scaffolding manufacturer and scaffolding buyer.

1. Painted scaffolding systems are most commonly used in the areas and environments that don’t experience extreme environmental conditions.

2. Compared to painted scaffolding systems, fully galvanized scaffolding systems need far less maintenance.

3. Galvanized scaffolding systems have a longer life span. The “added cost” paid on the purchase of the galvanized scaffolding system is being saved on future maintenance costs.

4. In contrast, a painted scaffolding system saves for short-term but that is paid out on long-term for scaffolding maintenance and restoration.

Post time: May-09-2021