Main points of scaffolding maintenance

We all know that for proper use of scaffolding, good maintenance is very important. Proper maintenance can prolong shelf life and is responsible for project safety. Below we summarize for you the matters needing attention in the maintenance work: after use, the scaffold should be returned to the warehouse in time, and stored separately to avoid confusion and loss. It is required that the storage site is well ventilated and has drainage facilities to prevent the shelf from getting wet.

First of all, taking the bowl buckle scaffold as an example, the construction must be carried out strictly according to the plan in order to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Some accessories of the bowl buckle scaffold are easily damaged, so you must have some experience.Professionals carry out construction, which can effectively reduce losses and ensure operation safety.

Second, keep it safe. When placing scaffolds, waterproof and moisture-proof measures should be taken to avoid rust. At the same time, the emissions are ordered, which is convenient for standardized management, and it is not easy to cause confusion or accessories.It is lost, so it is best to have a person responsible for the shelf’s rebate library, and record the usage at any time.

Third, regular maintenance. Regularly apply anti-rust paint to the shelves, usually once every two years. In areas with high humidity, it is required to be performed once a year to ensure that the shelf will not rust.


Post time: Jan-13-2020