Hunan World Scaffolding Aluminium Formwork Systems

Hunan World Scaffolding aluminium formwork systems adopted renewable materials, in line with the international planning for construction projects of energy conservation and environmental protection, low carbon emissions regulations.

Since Hunan World Scaffolding aluminum formwork project put into production, after a period of technology accumulation and research, the production process and design level get a very big present we have been completely reached the world developed countries level, and warmly welcomed by partners in Malaysia, Singapore, India, South Korea and other countries.

The exports amount of Hunan World Scaffolding aluminum formwork reached nearlly 10000 ㎡ / month. Hunan World Scaffolding Aluminum formwork has high standardization with a big loading ability and being recyclable. As the light weight of the aluminum formwork, no big mechanical equipment will be needed during the process of the construction. The construction can be completed in short period only with laboring work.

During 4 days, one floor can be completed. Meanwhile, Hunan World Scaffolding aluminum formwork will not produce any architecture waste, noise pollution. What it can bring is a beautiful, clean and smooth concrete building. Hunan World Scaffolding is the very helpful cooperator for the domestic and overseas outstanding architecture companies.

Post time: Oct-20-2021