Hunan World! Professional Kwikstage Scaffolding Manufacturer In China

Hunan World, as the kwikstage scaffolding suppliers & manufactures, can supply all kinds of falsework structures, is an enterprise with 14 years’ foreign trade experience based in China.

Kwikstage scaffolding system is by far the most common system used today, it is based around the same bay size as Ringlock / Cuplock but usually comes painted yellow. Kwikstage system uses a “wedge” and “V-pressing” to locate and lock all components together

Features & Benefits of Kwikstage Scaffolding System

1. No loose fittings

Captive connector means reduced losses and increased productivity compared to traditional tube and fitting scaffold.


2. Adaptability

Kwikstage scaffolding will allow the user to follow most building profiles by just using the basic components.


3. Quick and easy to erect

Ledgers and transoms are fixed to the vertical standards using captive wedge connections, eliminating the need for transverse bracing. All Joints are self-locating. They have been designed for use by unskilled labor, keeping erection times and costs to a minimum. This ensures stringent safety levels can be easily achieved.


4. A comprehensive range of accessories

A wide range of accessories includes handrails, board stage-brackets, staircase towers, and loading bays, providing safe and secure access systems for all your requirements.


5. Simple to maintain

Most connections are made with wedge fixings which are very simple to use leading to longer product life and minimum service costs.


6. Few basic components

The basic units are few and their compactness, with no loose fittings, simplifies storage and transportation as well as preventing damage.


7. Supplementary equipment

The number of ancillary fittings to adapt the system to the many demands for use in propping and falsework are minimized by the simplicity of the system.


8. Maximum safety

All coupling joint parts are from steel pressings which give maximum safety under all conditions.


Applications of Kwikstage Scaffolding System

General purpose and inspection light or heavy duty access

Perimeter scaffold

Birdcage scaffold

Access for steel fixing/concreting

Bridging scaffold

Roof edge protection

Static towers

Mobile towers

Loading platforms

Stairway towers


Post time: May-04-2021