How to use scaffolding

Many people have a very limited understanding of the use of scaffolding. The method of scaffolding can be assured. It is usually calculated according to the building area. Generally, it can be divided into two different methods: integrated scaffolding and single-item scaffolding. Scaffolding should be used according to the corresponding The chimney is calculated, and the amount of labor, materials, and machinery must be in place during normal overhead transportation. If the scaffolding uses the sealing material of the actual sealing project, bamboo battens can be used, and when the woven cloth is used, the bamboo battens should be converted into textile cloth.

When the building height is different, the use of scaffolding should be calculated separately according to different heights. The use of scaffolding needs to have single-row and double-row scaffolding rules. Generally, the masonry height can be calculated according to the single-row scaffolding. However, when the exterior wall doors, windows, and decorative area exceed 60% of the exterior wall surface area, scaffolding can be used. The use of scaffolding is as follows The calculation of double-row scaffolding is more reliable. The use of scaffolding refers to the various brackets erected on the construction site for workers to operate and solve vertical and horizontal transportation. It can have various types and materials. The main purpose is the construction needs of workers on various construction sites. Important auxiliary tools for building decoration construction can be divided into different types such as bowl type and tray type. Scaffolding makes the overall presentation effect better. It is better to choose a manufacturer with a reasonable price of mobile scaffolding. The quality of mobile scaffolding provided to customers is reliable, and the sense of quality it can bring will be more prominent. It is more convenient for carrying capacity and disassembly. There are clear requirements.

Post time: Dec-24-2020