How to maintain scaffolding after use

Scaffolding refers to the masonry scaffolding, material transportation slope, material loading platform, metal hoisting frame, and external wall painting scaffolding required for the construction of internal and external walls in a building. The maintenance method of scaffolding after use.
(1) Scaffolds (including structural parts) that have been used should be returned to the expenditure database and deposited in categories in a timely manner. When stacking in the open air, the site should be level with good drainage, with supporting pads underneath and covered with thatch cloth, and accessories and parts should be stored indoors. Our scaffolding products are produced in strict accordance with the standards of JOD-1999 and OD15001-1205. The types of scaffolding include mobile scaffolding, door scaffolding, roulette scaffolding, bowl button scaffolding and various scaffolding accessories.
(2) All bent or deformed rods should be straightened first, and damaged components should be repaired before they can be put into storage, otherwise they should be replaced.
(3) Derusting and anti-rust treatment should be stopped on the components of the scaffold regularly. Anti-rust paint should be painted once a year in areas with high humidity (greater than 75%). Generally, it should be painted once every two years. The fasteners should be oiled. The bolts should be galvanized to prevent rust. When there is no condition for galvanizing, it should be washed with kerosene after each use and coated with engine oil to prevent rust.
(4) Tool-type scaffolds (such as portal frames, bridge frames, hanging baskets, and receiving platforms) need to be repaired and maintained in time after they are removed, and they should be stored as a complete set.
(5) The fasteners, nuts, backing plates, bolts and other small accessories used by the scaffolding are easy to lose. The extra parts should be recycled and stored in time when they are being erected, and they should be checked and accepted in time when they are removed.
(6) Establish and improve the scaffolding tool materials receiving, recycling, introspection, and maintenance system, in accordance with the criteria of who uses, who maintains, and who manages, implement quota acquisition or lease methods to increase loss and loss.

Post time: Sep-14-2021