How to extend the service life of buckle scaffolding?

The use of buckle scaffolding has been widely used in construction, for indoor and outdoor decoration, steel structure plant installation, project construction, equipment installation, etc., buckle scaffolding is efficient, safe and reliable, and has good overall performance. If you want to extend it What should we do about the service life of the buckle scaffolding?
1. During the construction, the construction must be strictly in accordance with the plan to avoid unnecessary loss.
2. Keep it properly. When placing the scaffolding, take waterproof and moisture-proof measures to avoid rust and orderly discharge. This is convenient for planning and management, and it is not easy to cause confusion or loss of accessories, so someone is responsible for the return of the shelf. Library, record the usage at any time.
3. Regular maintenance. Anti-rust paint should be applied to the shelf regularly, usually once every two years. In areas with high humidity, it is required once a year to ensure that the shelf will not rust. Extending the service life of scaffolding requires users to pay attention to the use and preservation. Good maintenance is important for branch pipes. For enterprises engaged in scaffold rental, extending the service life of the scaffolding can increase the utilization rate and create more revenue. Of course, it has reached the national regulations. For the service life, we must also scrap it in accordance with the regulations, which is directly related to construction safety and corporate reputation.
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Post time: Nov-23-2021