How efficient is the erection of buckle-type scaffolding

How efficient is the erection of buckle-type scaffolding? Speaking of buckle scaffolding, we all know that it is an upgraded product of scaffolding. It has many incomparable advantages over traditional scaffolding. Many contractors purchase scaffolding for project needs. They generally pay more attention to the price, quality, and delivery time of the product. , but some customers will also pay attention to its erection efficiency. So what is the erection efficiency of the buckle-type scaffolding?

Everyone should know that steel pipe fastener scaffolding is a traditional scaffold, and its erection is cumbersome and time-consuming. It is understood that the simplex erection speed of ordinary steel pipe fasteners is only 35m3/day, but the simplex erection speed of disc-buckle scaffolding can reach 150m3/day. sky.

In other words, it takes more than 4 days to build 150m3 with steel pipe fastener scaffolding, while it only takes one day to build 150m3 with disk-buckle scaffolding. It can be seen that steel pipe fastener scaffolding is more time-consuming and the labor cost is higher than that of disk-buckle scaffolding. Much higher.

The buckle-type scaffolding is an advanced modular scaffolding system that has high safety performance, saves labor, is easy to assemble and disassemble, saves usage, and has an overall beautiful appearance. It is an ideal upgrade product after the continuous-buckle type and bowl-buckle type scaffolding.

This kind of disc-buckle scaffolding breaks through the fastening method of fasteners and bolts of traditional scaffolding and uses joint devices pre-welded at both ends of the horizontal bars, joint devices on the inclined bars, and eight-hole discs welded on the vertical bars, using gravity. The principle of wedge-shaped self-locking pins realizes the technology of completely replacing steel pipes and fasteners, connecting horizontal bars, vertical bars, and diagonal bars to form a stable triangular planar structure, and then three-dimensionally combining the planar structures to finally form a stable spatial structure.

The buckle-type scaffolding is safe to erect. The vertical poles of the buckle-type scaffolding are forged and cast from Q345 grade steel, which has higher strength than the original Q235 grade steel. The bearing capacity of a single vertical pole is greater, up to 20 tons. The unique disc-buckle design enables a multi-directional stable connection between the rods to meet various connection requirements for scaffolding erection. The steel springboard used with the scaffolding has unparalleled safety performance compared to the traditional bamboo and wood springboard.

Post time: May-11-2024

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