How do we remove scaffolding products correctly?

Demolition work for scaffolding products from scaffolding plank to little part like scaffolding base jack is high demand job. It is not just for the high technical requirements for the whole process as well as the dangerous operation process. Thus, in order to keep our safety, we have to do it with the right procedure. For hunanworld, we can provide the plan details for the whole demolition.


First of all, investigating the around working environment before the demolition is necessary. Then, we shall detect the shelf itself from connecting rods, working conditions. Meanwhile, we should organize teams to make a communication and division of each shift. Removal of high-rise scaffolding should have a demolition plan, and the work should be carried out according to the program requirements.

Then, shelf and scaffolding systems’ demolition should be delimited the operation area. At the same time, the demolition area shall set up a ring like a warning sign or set a special person to monitor.

Of course, when the work areas is near the pedestrian passage, the dismantled rods should be transported through the building to avoid accidental injury when being removed from the outside.

In addition, scaffolding is adjacent to the elevated line, it shall be removed by power failure when it is less than the safe distance. When dismantling at a safe distance, throwing rods shall be strictly prohibited to avoid touching overhead lines.


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Post time: Nov-20-2019