Guidelines for using mobile scaffolding

In order to ensure the safe and effective use of mobile scaffolding, what are the guidelines for the use of mobile scaffolding?
Before the scaffold is used, carry out routine inspections according to the following requirements, and only after the safety officer designated by the manager fills in the inspection form can it be put into use:
Check that the casters and brakes are normal;
Check to make sure that all door frames are free of corrosion, open welding, deformation, and damage;
Check that the cross bar is free of rust, deformation, or damage;
Check that all connectors are firmly connected, without deformation or damage;
Check that the pedals are free of rust, deformation, or damage;
Check to confirm that the safety fence is installed firmly, without corrosion, deformation, or damage.
Operators on scaffolding must wear non-slip shoes, wear work clothes, fasten seat belts, hang high and low, and lock all fasteners;
All personnel on the construction site must wear safety helmets, fasten the lower jaw straps, and lock the buckles;
Operators on racks should do a good job division and cooperation, grasp the center of gravity when transferring items or pulling up items, and work steadily;
Operators should wear tool kits, and it is forbidden to put tools on the shelf to prevent them from falling and hurting people;
Do not stack materials on the shelves, but keep them on hand to prevent improper placement and injury;
During the construction process, ground personnel should try their best to avoid standing in areas where objects may fall;
It is strictly forbidden to play, play, and lie down during homework;
It is strictly forbidden to work after drinking, high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, fear of heights and other workers who are not suitable for climbing on the shelf are strictly prohibited;
Warning lines and warning signs should be set up during the scaffolding construction period (non-construction personnel are prohibited from entering);
It is strictly forbidden to remove any rods related to the shelf during the use of the shelf. If it is necessary to remove it, it must be approved by the supervisor;
When scaffolding is in operation, the casters should be locked to prevent movement, and the ropes should be used to transfer objects and tools up and down;
Mobile scaffolding must not be operated at a height higher than 5 meters;
After the scaffold is used, it should be stored in the designated place;
It is strictly forbidden to use unqualified scaffolding;
Without the approval of the competent leader, outsiders are not allowed to use it without authorization.

Post time: Oct-21-2021