Frame Scaffolding and Kwikstage Scaffolding Uses

Frame Scaffolding
One of the most common type of system scaffolding found on construction sites is the frame scaffolding. It is usually available in different configurations – sections that contain ladders and a walk-through portal, sections that are actually walk-though, and those that look like a ladder.

Typically, frame scaffolding is set up by using two sections of the scaffold frame that are connected by two crossed sections of support poles that are organized in a square shape. New sections are assembled on top of the preceding sections. These sections are then used by workers to reach the desired height to carry out their work. Ropes are hung from the topmost section to enable workers to pull materials up to their level. Workers often carry out their duties from multiple levels of the frame scaffolding.

Frame scaffolding is easy to erect and disassemble. It perfect for use in general masonry, maintenance, all kinds of façade work like renovation, restoration, claddings and shoring. It can also be employed for building houses (façade scaffolding and load-bearing support scaffolding) and decoration projects. It offers a wide selection of frame lock types and tube sizes with robust steel tubing. This makes it safe, reliable and efficient.

Kwikstage Scaffolding
This type of scaffolding is particularly popular in the UK and Australia. The name of the scaffolding may drop a hint: it is quick to erect and is adaptable, and finds uses on both, commercial and residential sites. They’re mostly used by construction workers, roofers, bricklayers, painters, carpenters, and masons on an everyday basis along with other tools. They use this scaffolding to move around on the site of their work and transport material.

Assembling and dismantling the kwikstage scaffolding is easy as it comes with just five parts. It is steadfast and safe for use as it is equipped with double guard rails and non-slip platforms. This is why different types of workers find it easy to use this scaffolding. Whether they are skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled, all workers in various industries can use it.

What’s more? Kwikstage scaffolding is also used by professionals like engineers, architects, city planners, and site inspectors to perform their daily duties confidently. It is most useful in building houses (façade scaffolding).

Because the scaffolding is adequately tested to meet the highest quality standards in the industry in terms of supporting the heaviest of weights, users are assured of their safety.

Post time: Jan-20-2022