Five core advantages of disc-type scaffolding

The core advantage of disc-type scaffolding: is safe and stable
1. Because the uprights are made of Q345 low-carbon alloy steel, their bearing capacity is greatly improved.
2. The unique inclined rod structure forms a triangular geometric invariant structure, which is the most stable and safe.
3. During the erection of traditional scaffolding, the bowl buckle is not locked, the fasteners are not tightened, and workers are often injured.
4. As the market is gradually promoting its use, the product quality is relatively good at present, and the material and wall thickness can meet the relevant standards.

Core advantage 2 of disc-type scaffolding: high efficiency of erection and dismantling, saving construction time.
1. Simple installation, one hammer can complete the installation.
2. For the full-house scaffolding, one worker can erect more than 100 cubic meters a day on average when erecting the formwork support.
3. For the construction operation frame, one worker can erect more than 150 cubic meters a day on average.
4. The comprehensive economic benefits brought by saving construction period are obvious. The simplest calculation is to multiply the average daily expenditure of the entire project by the shortened construction period.

The core advantages of the disc-type scaffolding are three: beautiful appearance, and improving the image of the project.
1. The disc-type scaffolding is hot-dip galvanized inside and outside, with a silver appearance, and the scaffolding project erected is very beautiful.
2. The disc-type scaffolding is stored and packaged by the packaging rack. The erection, disassembly, storage, and transportation make the site neat and beautiful.
3. The processing accuracy of the rods is higher than that of traditional scaffolding, and the erection effect is horizontal and vertical, safe and beautiful.

The core advantage of the disc-type scaffolding is four: no spare parts are lost, and the rods are not easy to be damaged.
1. As long as the latch of the disc-type scaffolding is active, due to the special structural design, the latch is active, but it cannot be removed from the rod, ensuring that there are no scattered accessories, easy to manage, and not easy to lose.
2. The accessories of the disc-type scaffolding are made of steel plate stampings, and the horizontal rod plug is a cast steel part, which is stronger and less prone to damage than the cast iron parts of traditional scaffolding.
3. The cost saved from loss and damage is considerable.

The core advantage of disc-type scaffolding is that it can be used to build multifunctional scaffolding.
1. The unique design of the diagonal rod and the support function of the diagonal rod can easily and quickly build a cantilever structure scaffolding.
2. The mobile operating frame is safe and reliable.
3. The safe ladder is simple, fast, and easy to transport.

The five core advantages of disc-type scaffolding are all advantages compared to traditional scaffolding. Compared with ordinary steel pipe scaffolding, it has an obvious disadvantage in that it cannot be arranged at will and can only be set according to the specific crossbar size. Unlike steel pipe scaffolding, it is more arbitrary.

Post time: Jul-01-2024

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