Explore the 7 major advantages of plate-buckle scaffolding

First, the safety level is high and the erection process is safer
1. The length of a single rod of the buckle-type scaffolding is generally no more than 2 meters. Compared with the traditional 6-meter-long ordinary steel pipe, it is lighter, easier for construction workers to control, and the center of gravity is more stable.
2. The buckle-type scaffolding has high erection efficiency and better timely protection.

Second, it is easy to operate and the acceptance process is safer.
The dimensions of the rods are fixed with fixed modulus, spacing, and step distance, which avoids the influence of human factors on the structure of the frame. Compared with traditional steel pipe scaffolding, there are fewer safety control points for acceptance of the frame. If there are problems such as missing rods, rectification will be more convenient.

Third, the module is fixed and the use process is safer.
1. The buckle-type scaffolding is made of Q345B low-carbon alloy structural steel. The pole bearing capacity is up to 200KN. The poles are not easily deformed and damaged, and the frame body has better bearing capacity and stability.
2. The hook-type steel springboard matching the buckle-type scaffolding is directly buckled on the crossbar. There is no probe board and the horizontal protection performance is better.
3. The buckle-type scaffolding is equipped with a standardized ladder. Compared with the ladder of traditional steel pipe fastener scaffolding, the safety, stability, and walking comfort are significantly improved.

Fourth, it has good protective performance, a high level of civilized construction, corrosion resistance, and a more beautiful appearance.
The surface of the buckle-type scaffolding poles is hot-dip galvanized, which is not easy to peel off or rust. It completely avoids the shortcomings of uneven paint application, paint peeling, and poor image that often occurs in traditional scaffolding. It is not easy to be eroded by rain and is not easy to rust. Rusty and uniform in color, the large area of silver looks more atmospheric and beautiful.

Fifth, the entire surface is galvanized, and the frame is “horizontal and vertical”
Since the size of the poles adopts a fixed module, the spacing and step distance of the frame poles are even, and the horizontal and vertical poles are truly “horizontal and vertical”.

Sixth, horizontal screen and vertical screen, no scattered accessories
There are no scattered screws, nuts, fasteners, and other accessories on the ground in the erection area of the disc-type scaffolding frame. It is better to carry out civilized construction in the frame erection area.

Seventh, civilized construction and complete supporting functions
The buckle-type scaffolding can be used to erect formwork brackets, external frames, various operating frames, ladders, safety passages, etc. Compared with the traditional erection using steel pipe fasteners, it is safer and more beautiful.

Post time: May-14-2024

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