Erection sequence of scaffolding product

Scaffolding products, range from scaffolding plank, frame scaffolding and other types, are popular among engineering projects. However, do you really figure out the right way for the erection sequence of scaffolding product?


Today, hunanworld, a special manufacture for various scaffolding products, shall make a share for the detailed steps one by one.

Generally speaking, there are more than ten steps for the whole project. They are follows: put sweeping bar-erect the bar and fasten it with the sweeping bar one by one-install the sweeping rod and fasten it with the upright rod and sweeping rod-install cross bar in the first step’s and fasten it with each vertical bar-press the first step bar-press the second cross step bar-press the second step bar-add temporary inclined strut and fasten the upper end with the big bar (remove after installing the connecting wall bar)-press the third and fourth step big bar and small bar-press the wall bar-the stud-set scissors support-foot scaffolding plank-tie protective railings and hang nets.


Safety is the first thing we need to think about no matter which kind of engineering project we are join in. thus, it would provide our guarantee since we follow the exact installation for the scaffolding products.

Post time: Nov-22-2019