Emergency measures for large-scale scaffolding deformation accidents

(1) For local deformation of the scaffold caused by foundation settlement, a set of figure-eight or scissor braces should be erected on the double-row frame section, and a set of vertical poles should be erected before the deformation area is discharged. Provide the scissors’ splayed base or lower foot on a solid and reliable basis.

(2) The deflection deformation of the cantilevered steel beam to be removed exceeds the specified value, the anchoring point behind the cantilevered steel beam is strengthened, and the steel bracket and U-shaped bracket on the steel beam are supported by a U-shaped bracket to support the house. top. This is a gap between the embedded steel ring and the steel beam, it is made of horses tighten. The wire ropes at the outer ends of the suspended steel beams should be inspected to ensure all fastening forces.

(3) Local damage to the unloading and pull-up system of the scaffold should be restored immediately according to the unloading-pull method developed in the original plan, and the deformed parts and rods should be correct. If the deformation of the outer piece of the scaffolding is corrected, a 5T anti-chain should be set between each opening, and the rigid pull contact head should be loosened according to the structure. At the same time, tighten the anti-chain inward, correct the deformation, make a hard pull joint, and tighten the steel wire rope at each unloading point. Then evacuate people and find professionals to evaluate repair, dismantle, and rebuild.

Post time: May-13-2024

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