diagonal bracing setup requirements

(1) Single and double-row scaffolds under 24m should be provided with a pair of scissor supports at each end of the outer facade, which are continuously set from the bottom to the top; the net distance of each scissor support in the middle should not be greater than 15m.

(2) Double-row scaffolding over 24m should be provided with scissors support continuously over the entire length and height of the outside facade.

(3) The number of spanning poles of each scissors support should be between 5 and 7, and the inclination angle with the ground should be between 45 ° and 60 °.

(4) Except that the top layer can be connected by lap joints, the other joints must be connected by butt fasteners. The lap length is not less than 1m and is connected with not less than two rotating fasteners.

(5) The diagonal rods of the scissors should be fixed on the extended ends or vertical poles of the small crossbars that intersect with them. The distance between the center-line of the rotating fasteners and the main node should not be greater than 150mm.

Post time: Jun-03-2020