Details of the scissor braces and transverse diagonal braces of the scaffolding

(1) The scissor braces should be set continuously from bottom to top from the bottom corner of the scaffold, and the surface of the scissor braces should be painted with red and white warning color paint.
(2) The number of spanning poles for each scissor brace shall be determined as specified in the table below. The width of each scissor brace should not be less than 4 spans and should not be less than 6 meters.
(3) For the floor-standing outer frame below 24 meters, vertical continuous scissor braces shall be provided on the outer ends of the frame body, the corners, and the façade with an interval of no more than 15 meters in the middle. For the floor-mounted outer frame and all cantilever frames above 24 meters, continuous scissor braces are erected on the entire façade outside the frame body.
(4) The length of the scissors strut should be lapped, the lapped length should not be less than 1m, and no less than 3 fasteners should be firm.
(5) The scissors brace should be fixed on the extended end or vertical rod of the horizontal rod intersecting with the rotating fastener, and the distance from the center line of the rotating fastener to the main node should not be greater than 150mm.
(6) Horizontal diagonal braces must be installed at the two fractures of the in-line and open double-bow frames, and horizontal diagonal bracing should be installed at the corners and the middle of the frame body over 24m every six spans.
(7) The transverse diagonal bracing should be in the same section, arranged in a “zigzag” shape from the bottom to the top, and the diagonal bracing should be crossed and connected to the top by the inner and outer large horizontal bars.

Post time: Aug-15-2022