Detailed explanation for load of scaffolding product

No matter which kind of scaffolding products (such as scaffolding plank, scaffolding coupler and so on) you shall buy, you should pay attention to the load of each type of them as different load shall cause various result during the whole engineering project.


First of all, there are three main concepts for us to get. Load among scaffolding products shall contain load transfer, construction load and static and live load.

Load transfer: The load transfer on the scaffolding is generally transferred from the foot plate to the small bar. And then, the small bar shall transfers to the big bar, then to the pole through the fastener or binding point, and finally reaches to the base and foundation through the bottom of the pole.

Construction load: According to some principles, bearing scaffolding’s original provisions scaffold construction load should not exceed 270kg/m2. Recent years, with the development of technology, finally, the scaffold safety technical specifications determined it as 300kg/m squared.

Static load and live load: static load conclude vertical bar, large bar, small bar, scissors support, foot plate, fastener binding materials and other components of the weight. Live load has stacking materials, installation parts, operators, safety net and protective railings.

Post time: Dec-10-2019