Comparison for cuplock standard and ringlock scaffolding system

As specialist in production of various scaffolding products, hunanworld can provide customer with cuplock standard, scaffolding plank and ringlock scaffolding and so on. Today, we shall make a comparison between cuplock standard and ringlock scaffolding system.


First of all, material is one of the main factor for the difference between them. Although they both are made by carbon steel tubes as main component, they are made by different types of the carbon steel pipe. Thus, ringlock scaffolding systems has adopted better material.

Taking about dimension, generally speaking, ringlock scaffolding system shall have thicker tube diamter than another one.

In additon to space, we shall discuss them from three aspects. They are web plate position, chamber position and wing plate position. Thus they would have different load bearing capacity and reliability.

For anti-oxidation process, cuplock scaffolding system use the dip coating process, while the other one adopts the inner and outer hot dip galvanized. Under this situation, you have to admit that the latter will have 15-20 years lifespan with superior corrosion resistance.


No matter which kind of scaffolding product you choose finally, you should purchase it according to your engineering project’s type as well as the safety considering for the whole project.

Post time: Nov-08-2019