Cause Analysis of Scaffolding Deformation Accidents

1. When the scaffold is unloaded or the tensioning system is partially damaged, immediately repair it according to the unloading method formulated in the original plan, and correct the deformed parts and rods. If the deformation of the scaffold is corrected, set up a 5t reverse chain in each bay first. After the rigid zipper is made, tighten the wire ropes at each unloading point to make the force evenly distributed, and finally release the reverse chain.
2. For the local deformation of the scaffolding caused by the settlement of the foundation set up splay braces or shear braces on the transverse section of the double-bent frame, and erect a group of poles in every other row until the outer row of the deformation area; the splay braces or scissors must be erected. on a solid, reliable foundation.
3. If the deflection of the cantilevered steel beam on which the scaffolding is rooted is deformed and exceeds the specified value, the anchorage point behind the cantilevered steel beam should be reinforced, and the steel beam should be tightened with steel support and U-shaped drag to hold the roof. There is a gap between the embedded steel ring and the steel beam, and a horse wedge should be used to prepare it tightly; in addition, the wire ropes at the outer end of the hanging steel beam should be checked one by one and all tightened to ensure uniform stress.

Post time: Sep-27-2022