Calculating method for the amount of buckle scaffolding

Disc scaffolding is another type of scaffolding. Many new colleagues are not aware of the engineering quantity of disc scaffolding. Among many construction software, it cannot completely cover the modules of disc scaffolding. The most commonly used software is also currently there is a relatively rough calculation for the formwork support, then through our years of experience, we have also summarized some quick calculation methods. The first is the exterior wall frame of the building. The height of the standard double-ended frame on the exterior wall is no more than 20 meters. The longitudinal spacing of the double-ended frame is generally intended to be 0.9 meters. The operating platform on each floor is the subject with pedals, and there are double-layer guardrails and toe boards on the outside. , the inclined pole is designed according to the requirements. Under this premise, a conventional plan to build a double-row external wall frame according to the standard requires the amount of scaffolding for each square to be about 27kg-28kg, so that the area of the scaffolding can be calculated according to the area of the building’s external wall (such as The outer wall is 10 meters high and 8 meters long. The area of the scaffolding is generally calculated as 10 meters high * 10 meters long, with a total of about 100 square meters. The approximate amount of the plate bracket is about 27-28 tons), but the length and height of the outer wall Each is different, so it is necessary to understand whether the height of the outer wall is too high or too low, so there will be a certain amount of error. Next is the built-in scaffolding. The full-floor rack is used for interior installation generally does not have an operating platform on each floor. One or more platforms are set up in definite places. The structure of the full-floor rack is also 1.8m*1.8m. There will be 1-2 channels in the lower part. The full-floor rack is generally calculated by m³, so we only need to know the erection location The volume of a conventionally required full room rack is about 13kg-15kg per cubic meter (a 100m³ full room rack tray buckle rack is about 13-15 tons)


There are also support formwork. The support formwork generally does not need to be equipped with operating platforms, upper and lower channels, etc. The structure of the supporting formwork is generally 900*900 or 1200*1200. We use the 900*1200 parameters to calculate together, and also according to the cube according to calculation, the dosage of the formwork is 17-19kg/m³. Knowing the cubic number of the formwork, the dosage of the disc buckle can be estimated. If you want to accurately calculate the specifications and quantity of various rod parts, you also need to calculate through the actual plan drawings, especially for projects with special requirements. This method is not practical and the error will be relatively large, but the preliminary requirements are obtained in the initial stage of the project. Yes, this method is still very serviceable.

Post time: Sep-21-2020