Analysis of the advantages of aluminum scaffolding

Most scaffolds on the market today are mainly made of iron and steel, and scaffolds of this type are cumbersome to use, and the overall design is simple and the safety performance is low, which has led to frequent accidents such as accidental collapse of scaffolds on the market.

And in some of its developed countries, an aluminum alloy scaffolding has already emerged and is widely used by corporate users. Due to the high connection strength of its components and scientific design of the support mechanism, the overall structure is safe and stable. The whole is made of lightweight and sturdy aluminum alloy. Scaffolds are much lighter than traditional scaffolds and are therefore convenient to use.

The main advantages of aluminum scaffolding are as follows:

First of all, all parts of the aluminum alloy scaffolding are made of special aluminum alloy, which is light in weight and easy to install and move.

Second, the component connection strength is high, using the internal expansion and external pressure technology, the load is much larger than the traditional scaffolding.

Again, the external construction and disassembly are simple and quick, and adopt the “building block type” design, no installation tools are required.

Finally, the applicability is strong, suitable for various types of work platforms, and the working height can be set up arbitrarily.

In short, aluminum scaffolding completely outperforms traditional iron and steel scaffolding in terms of professional design and safety performance. At present, more and more corporate users in China are beginning to use aluminum scaffolding.

Post time: Jan-10-2020