After Shanghai, Chongqing and Wenzhou, another region has made it clear that new government projects must use socket-type steel pipe brackets

So far, many places have issued documents banning fastener-type steel tube cantilever scaffolding, requiring the use of socket-type steel tube scaffolding.

Shanghai: The city’s engineering projects should adopt socket-type disc-buckle-type steel tube scaffolding.

Chongqing: The use of fastener-type steel pipe cantilever scaffolding is prohibited for construction projects in the city because of poor integrity and potential safety hazards.

Wenzhou: For the formwork support frame project that belongs to the over-hazard project and the over-hazard project, the fastener-type steel pipe support system must not be used, and the fixed tool-type support system such as bowl buckle type and socket plate buckle type must be used. From January 1, 2021, it will be extended to all formwork support frame projects.

On July 14, the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the “Notice on Strengthening the Safety Management of Formwork Support and Scaffolding at Construction Sites.”

1. Starting from September 1, 2020, newly-started housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects invested by the government must use socket-type steel pipe brackets.

2. Starting from January 1, 2021, all newly-started housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects should use socket-type steel pipe brackets.

Note: The quality of all types of bracket materials must meet the requirements of the corresponding specifications, otherwise, once discovered, the project will be canceled for all types of evaluation qualifications, and the construction will be suspended for rectification.

Post time: Oct-20-2020