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Acciaio Q195, Q235: Materiale.
Trattamento superficiale: pre-zincato, zincati a caldo.
Tipo: 210mm, 240 millimetri, 250 millimetri, 225 millimetri, 230 millimetri, 300 millimetri
standard: BS1139
Imballaggio: in bundle
Luogo di origine: Cina
Certification: ISO9001, SGS, CE, ecc CCIC

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1.Scaffolding steel plank is used to walk through the scaffolding system or elevate the step on the scaffolding.

2.Steel scaffolding plank is pre-galvanized and welded with CO2 arc which  provide longer protection from deformation ,rustiness and corrosion.

3. Can choose different sizes and support types according to market or customer requirements

4. Light weight and strong carrying capacity.

5. Reinforcing rib design, strengthening the load capacity of the steel plank, patented hole design, reducing the weight and ensuring good drainage.

6. Long service life, can be used for more than 5 years

tavola di metallo

Steel plank

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