Planche acier avec crochet

Brève description:

Material : Q195 Steel

Surface Treatment: Pre-galvanized

Type: 210mm, 225mm, 230mm, 240mm, 250mm, 300mm

Place of origin: Tianjin, Chine

Shipping Port: Tianjin Port

Échantillon: Available, Free for Sample

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Product Description of Steel Plank With Hook:

Steel plank with hooks is the main part of ringlock scaffolding system. It is very convenient for the worker when their working on the scaffolding. The structure is simple and safety. There are stamping holes are on the steel plank with hook. And these are protect the worker to resist skidding. For the surface on the steel plank with hook is galvanized. And this is make sure safety the steel plank with hook strong on rainy day and a moist environment.

 steel plank with hook3

Product Size of Steel Plank with Hooks:


Product Advantages of Steel Plank With Hooks:

1. Durable and Firm

2. High load capacity

3. Save cost and quality assurance

4. Long lifetime

5. Light weight, Anti-fire, Slip prevention

Product Manufacturing process of Steel Plank With Hooks:

 Fin du processus de fabrication de planches d'échafaudage

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