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WORLD Scaffolding is a world-class scaffolding products provider. As the most valuable subsidiary of Shinestar Holdings Group,not only manufactures scaffolding and related products, but also be committed to providing integrated solutions.Nowadays,WORLD business scope covers more than 50 countries and regions including North America, South Asia, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Australia and so on.Covering industries include: petrochemical, oil and natural gas, energy, construction, etc. Our goal is to create a secure global various projects of construction environment, efficient construction progress, and excellent customer experience,through professional engineering and technical support and a unique project management system.


The high quality product is the core of the WORLD competitiveness. Our main products are scaffolding plank, scaffolding system, scaffolding couplers, scaffolding accessories series. Our complete product variety, complete specifications, and according to international standard production strictly. We promise that all products are produced in the ISO certification, CE certification of investment in the factory. At the same time, we can provide steel pipe value-added services, including: steel tube hot dip galvanized processing, steel pipe anti corrosion processing, steel pipe cutting, or other customized services.

As the good scaffolding products supplier in the world, our scaffolding products have been widely used in outdoor building, internal support, bridge and tunnel, chimney, power plants, petrochemical and other industries.


WORLD has a strong research and development, production platform for security. Our production base is located in Tianjin, Jiangsu, Hunan and Jiangxi, the geographical position is superior. At the same time set up product research and development center in Tianjin, the accused from research and development, production, quality inspection, to every aspect of transportation, to ensure reliable product quality.

We have 10 scaffolding production and processing lines, production workshop covers an area of more than 3500 square meters, indoor warehouse covers an area of more than 4500 square meters, outdoor business operating area is 10000 square meters of space. Our production scheduling plan can be flexibly according to customer"s needs in the product. Our annual production capacity of 20000 tons. We can ensure that there are 10000 tons of scaffolding inventory has a wide application range. At the same time, we can also provide customized products for special projects design and development.


Shinestar holdings group, is a foothold in China, services the global large-scale steel production enterprise, is committed to global customers with high quality steel products and services. Business scope covers from the production, processing, storage, marketing, logistics, materials collection and management of project in the world, such as multiple links. In addition to the production of high-end steel products, Shinestar with rich industry experience, to provide technical support for the different projects and solutions. At the same time, provide for the customer, including risk control, cost control, warehouse management, efficient production scheduling, including the service as a whole. In the future, Shinestar will continue to work with global energy companies, oil companies, construction companies, for the global project, provide one-stop procurement services, ensure customers purchasing to the highest ratio of steel.