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What are the Advantages of Scaffolding Planks in Gumtree

Date:2017-09-19      Views:253      Tag:scaffolding planks in gumtree

  Recently, there are many customers consulting scaffolding planks in gumtree, most of which tend to cheap bamboo planks. But more and more people choose choose steel scaffolding planks? World Scaffolding  planks in gumtree is the best new scaffolding planks to replace the traditional bamboo planks and wood planks?

scaffolding planks in gumtree

  What are the advantages of scaffolding planks in gumtree:

  1. scaffolding planks high safety factor: fire, slip, corrosion resistance;

  2, carrying capacity: flat support, square support, trapezoidal support design, followed by ascending scaffolding planks support;

  3, scaffolding planks in gumtree can be the second recycling;

  4, the surface of hot-dip galvanized treatment, beautiful appearance;

  5, a unique C-shaped design, enhance resistance to deformation;

  6, scaffolding planks in gumtree have a light weight