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Scaffolding Planks Cheshire-Which one is Better?

Date:2017-09-13      Views:357      Tag:scaffolding planks cheshire

  Scaffolding planks cheshire-which one is better? Scaffolding for sale-World Scaffolding Co., Ltd has been set up for 20 years, through continuous exploration and research and development of a new generation of high-strength scaffolding planks.Scaffolding planks cheshire,World Scaffolding is the best one!

scaffolding planks cheshire

  Scaffolding planks cheshire,in order to save wood and steel, to change the face of our construction site, improve the management level, we use thick 1.25mm and 1.5mm hot-dip galvanized steel, cold-formed molding technology, developed a reasonable cross-section, with high strength and hardness The new building steel footboard, and with a special fixed accessories, can be fixed to the scaffolding scaffolding pipe, to ensure the safety of construction.

  Scaffolding planks cheshire,the product is light weight, easy to take, 3 meters of steel frame only 14 kg, instead of the original wood of the bulky, bamboo fence vulnerability, steel plate wear resistance. By the punching, flanging, bending, cutting, plate welding, painting, packaging and other work composition. After the completion of the hot-dip galvanized steel frame finished with a standardized shape of the arrangement of convex, anti-slip coefficient, the effect is good. Steel plate on both sides of the bow design and the bottom of the bar plate of the firm welding to increase its strength, 3 meters long scaffold board can withstand 6 people standing without deformation, durable.

  Scaffolding planks cheshire for construction, power companies, construction units. The company's existing spot selling specifications 2000 * 240 * 45 * 1.2mm, 3000 * 250 * 50 * 1.5mm.