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Scaffolding Materials Supplier in Singapore:Frame Scaffolding Check

Date:2017-10-20      Views:732      Tag:scaffolding materials supplier in singapore

  The most basic requirement for frame scaffolding is safety, so how to use frame scaffolding is safer. China frame scaffolding largest manufacturers --WORLD has a set of standards, the following is the specific content, for reference only! Buy frame scaffolding, come to WORLD, China's best scaffolding manufacturers, WORLD scaffolding is the best scaffolding materials supplier in singapore!

scaffolding materials supplier in singapore

scaffolding materials supplier in singapore

  1, guarding the scaffolding whether there is water, water a long time, easy to rust, observe the base of a loose occurrence;

  2, if there is any deviation, check the scaffolding is neat, and polarized settlement meet the standard specification requirements, with particular attention to scaffolding angle frame and vertical angle fracture;

  3, check the framework of scaffolding has been loose, is the most important interface and corner;

  4, guarding the scaffolding and the connection between the joints in good condition, whether there is any action or loose;

  5, the framework of scaffolding in the work need to take some security measures to ensure that scaffolding can be more perfect, strong;

  6, scaffolding interface button to check whether the requirements meet the specifications;

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