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WORLD Scaffolding for Sale Quezon City:How to Use Frame Scaffolding?

Date:2017-10-20      Views:954      Tag:scaffolding for sale quezon city

       WORLD Scaffolding for sale in quezon city:How to use frame scaffolding?As follows:

Scaffolding for sale in quezon city

      1, material

  (1) frame scaffolding, bear the upper load.

  (2) cross bar: limit the frame scaffolding lateral displacement, increase the stiffness, shear support role.

  (3) to expand the pressure surface, adjust the level and vertical support.

  (4) Locking arm: limit the vertical displacement, the lower scaffold.

  (5) barge core: the upper and lower frame scaffold positioning link.

      2, operating conditions

  (1) According to the plan plan according to the size of the framework scaffold layout and draw the main frame scaffolding, hole location and building structure connection location, complete the construction plan design, and detailed disclosure of construction personnel.

  (2) Scaffolding frameworks and accessories classified to the site should be stacked and kept. For the transport installation process due to deformation caused by the collision, timely correction, so as not to affect the installation.

  (3) set up scaffolding site formation and compaction, roughness difference within 25 mm, and take dangerous slope drainage measures to prevent water loss.

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