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How to Choose a Better Quality Scissors Scaffolding?

Date:2017-10-16      Views:344      Tag:quality scissors scaffolding

  1,First grade steel pipe

  High-quality products should be a steel pipe material, so that its resistance to mechanical resistance, corrosion resistance, support are more secure, so we should choose a standard steel pipe material. We must read the instructions, see the thickness of the senses, look at the material density layer, or with the necessary equipment to detect are necessary.

quality scissors scaffolding

  2,Check if the surface is hot-dip galvanized

  High-quality buckle scaffolding inside and outside have been through the surface of the hot galvanized treatment, because this can be better to play the role of protecting the surface to prevent oxidation, played a better anti-corrosion effect, which is effective to enhance the performance of scaffolding , To extend the scaffolding life of the concentrated performance, so we can see the surface hot galvanized uniformity, thickness, texture, etc. to identify the quality of galvanized.

  3,Horizontal pole on the cast steel plug detection

  Cast steel is more prominent than the hardness of cast iron, toughness stronger, higher strength, support stability, resistance to mechanical ability, so it is not easy to deformation, cut to a more solid support performance for the building to provide more security.