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WORLD Construction Metal Plank Manufacturer Tip: Use Metal Plank, Stay Away from Fire

Date:2017-10-18      Views:553      Tag:construction metal plank manufacturer

  WORLD construction metal plank manufacturer is China's largest manufacturer of metal plank, China's top 500 enterprises! The physical properties of the galvanized steel scaffolding produced by the WORLD construction metal plank manufacturer determine its fire resistance. Hot-dip galvanizing process: finished pickling - washing - plus - drying. Steel surface attached to the zinc layer, can be used as anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion fire purposes.

steel metal plank

  In China, high-rise buildings accounted for more than 85% of high-rise building fire, such as the Shanghai World Financial Center fire, Beijing Central Television, Harbin 360 fire frequent scaffolding fire accident, the market is now mainly caused by the building exterior scaffolding.

  WORLD construction metal plank manufacturer Tips: Use WORLD hot galvanized metal plank, away from the fire!