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Why choose scaffolding system

Date:2018-04-08      Views:234      Tag:Scaffolding system-made for smoothly of each engineering project

You can see scaffolding system when you walk bypass the bridge project; you can figure out the scaffolding system once you walk on the main house building project. Everywhere has its shadow and why we choose them as the primary tool in various engineering project?


Compared with the general structure, the scaffold system has the following characters:

1. The greater the variability of the load than general structure;

2. The connection node of the fastener scaffolding is semi-rigid, and the rigidity of the node is related to the quality of the fastener and the installation quality, and there is a large variation in the performance of the node.

3. There are initial defects in the structure and components of the scaffold, such as the initial bending and rusting of the rods, the erection of the dimensional error, the loading eccentricity, and so on.