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Which kind of scaffolding accessories you need

Date:2018-08-22      Views:602      Tag:scaffolding system, scaffolding accessories

Here are three choices for you: imported, second-hand or used scaffolding accessories. Which kind of would be on your list? Why? Today, let’s talk about this before our wholesale from suppliers.


First of all, you would save lots of money if your choice is used or second hand scaffolding accessories. However, you still need to know what safety standards the scaffolding adheres to. Has it ever been revived or reconditioned and where it was manufactured?

Of course, rely on where the scaffolding system has been produced is also necessary. Looking for imported scaffolding is not a prudent option. This is because many of the overseas countries do not function to the same safety standards as in other countries, which means many of the cheap copies/ replicas of popular modular scaffolding systems like Kwikstage or Cup lock don’t adhere to any of the safety standards required.