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Safety Management For Tubular Scaffolding

Date:2018-01-08      Views:525      Tag:

1. The scaffold personnel must be the professional scaffolds that are qualified according to the current national standard "safety technical assessment of special operations personnel". The staff should be examined regularly, and the qualified person will be able to hold the certificate.

2. Tubular scaffolds must wear safety hats, wear safety belts, and wear anti-skid shoes.

3. The quality of the structure of the scaffold and the quality of the construction shall be checked and accepted according to the specifications, and the equipment shall be used after the qualification.

4. The construction load on the operating floor shall meet the design requirements and shall not be overloaded. It is not allowed to fix the template bracket, cable line, pump concrete and mortar conveying pipe on the tubular scaffold. Suspension of lifting equipment is strictly prohibited.

5. The scaffolding shall be stopped and demolition work should be stopped when there are wind and fog, rain and snow in the six or above levels. Rain, snow after the operation should be anti-skid measures, and should clear snow.

6. The safety inspection and maintenance of tubular scaffolding shall be conducted according to the regulation. Safety nets should be set up or dismantled in accordance with relevant regulations.

7. During the use of the tubular scaffold, it is strictly forbidden to remove the horizontal and horizontal bars of the main nodes, the vertical and the sweeping poles and even the wall parts.

8. No excavation work shall be carried out on the tubular scaffolding foundation and its adjacent site, otherwise safety measures shall be taken and the competent authorities shall submit it to the competent authorities for approval.

9. When setting up the tubular scaffold on the street, the outside should prevent the falling object from harming the protective measures. 

10. When conducting electrical or gas welding operations on scaffolds, fire prevention measures and special guards must be kept.

11. Erection of temporary electric power lines at the construction site and grounding of tubular scaffolding and lightning protection measures shall be carried out according to the relevant provisions of the current industrial standard "technical specifications for temporary electricity use in construction site" .

12. When the tubular scaffold is removed, the ground shall have a fence and warning sign, and a special guard shall be assigned to guard it, and no non-operating personnel shall be allowed in.