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Purchasing guideline for Korean Pressed Swivel Coupler

Date:2018-05-10      Views:139      Tag:Scaffolding system-made for smoothly of each engineering project

For scaffolding accessories Korean Pressed Swivel Coupler, hunanworld would give you basic information as the purchasing guideline. You can see if is it your requirement before your purchase.


Korean Pressed Swivel Coupler description:


First of all, products’ parameter information:

Dimensions: 48.3-48.3mm

Material: Q235 carbon steel

Nut: 21mm,22mm,23mm

T-bolt: 80mm,89mm

Weight: 0.95-1.05kg or as per your request

Color: Self-color(Black) , White, Yellow


Then, product’s standards and technology information:

Standard: EN74,BS1139,CE and also fit for our domestic standard, through SGS test.

Techs: Drop Forged

Surface treatment: Self-color,Zinc plated ,Hot dip galvanized

Style: British(also can produce German, American, Japanese and so on)


With more information, please send us email for details.