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Product features of scaffolding system staircase

Date:2018-05-16      Views:125      Tag:Scaffolding system-made for smoothly of each engineering project

They are common equipment for lifting workers even in rural engineering work. Scaffolding system staircase has provided lots of benefits for our customers with its special characters. Today, we can tell the basic information about it.


First of all, this kind of staircase would have the character of anti-slip, which is the most basic parameter for customers. Powder-coat finish in staircase would give superior grip and secure footing when workers climbing.

What’s more, crossed braces are galvanized, so there would be a long life corrosion resistance guarantee for clients.

In addition, two frames, two cross braces and four coupling pins would give staircase with supporting ability of heavy-duty work.

Clicking website for more features of this kind of product.