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Online activity over discussion of scaffolding accessories

Date:2018-05-07      Views:151      Tag:Scaffolding system-made for smoothly of each engineering project

With the quick development of engineering project nowadays, the demand for scaffolding accessories is also increased. Today, we would like to host an activity over discussion of scaffolding accessories.


Activitys theme: Getting to know more about scaffolding accessories from aspect of function.

Activities undertaken included:

First of all, we would have a basic introduction over scaffolding products from Activities undertaken included; Scaffolding Accessories Staircase; Scaffolding Accessories Ladder Beam; Scaffolding System Ringlock scaffolding and so on.

Then, we would have discussion link over whatever question you want to ask and whatever you want to say about the scaffolding accessories.


We are always here for your join for this online activity.