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Introduction of trestle and steel scaffolding system

Date:2018-07-26      Views:206      Tag:Introduction of trestle and steel scaffolding system

Different types of construction would need the different types of scaffolding system for help during the whole project process. Today, we would firstly have an understand for trestle and steel scaffolding for their function.


The left one on the picture is trestle scaffolding system. With the movable ladders or tripods, this kind of working platform would be here. For this kind of product, it can be used up to a height of 5m and is normally used for work inside the room like repairs, paintings and likewise.

And for engineering project, lots of customers would adopt the steel one. For our company, we would like to wholesale this kind of one mostly. With the original material of steel pipes, they can be jointly with steel fittings and couples. Thus, it would guarantee the security for workers. Of course, it has better robustness, greater durability and superior fire resistance.