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Erection requirements for portal scaffolding(2)

Date:2018-04-16      Views:197      Tag:Scaffolding system-made for smoothly of each engineering project

We’ve talked about the basic erection order in last essay when we discuss the erection requirements for portal scaffolding pipe and scaffolding accessories. Today, we would finish other requirements for it.


3. We should divide them into two sides and work from one side, then another. and the scaffolding shall be carried out after the next scaffolding being erected.

4. We should get the fixture device firmly as each scaffold shall be erected by inserting two masts on the base in order to keep safety.

5. Scaffolding must have a reliable connection with the building.

6. Scaffolding should be set on the outside of the door buckle type steel pipe scaffold, and should be set continuously in both vertical and vertical directions.