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Erection requirements for portal scaffolding(1)

Date:2018-04-13      Views:178      Tag:Scaffolding system-made for smoothly of each engineering project

A standardized construct would prolong the life of product as well as saving labor sources for customers. So does for the erection requirements for portal scaffolding pipe and other scaffolding accessories.


Today, we can see some of the construct requirement for it:

1. We should guarantee the scaffolding’s foundation first. Of course, the drainage slope should be prepared to prevent accumulation of water.

2. The erection order for scaffolding would be necessary to keep the high quality of the use of the product. It is orderly by: basic preparationplacing the padplacing the baseerecting two single-piece mastsinstalling the cross barinstalling the scaffolding platerepeatedly installing the mast, cross bar, and scaffolding process based on this.