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Components for scaffolding system inspection

Date:2018-08-17      Views:665      Tag:scaffolding system, scaffolding accessories

It includes dangers once we work with scaffolding system as this product getting weakened or inappropriately erected. In order to avoid the disaster, we should follow the basic components for scaffolding system inspection.


Generally speaking, this kind of inspection would have following steps:

Inspecting the parameters such as posts, footing, frames, mud-sills and base plates.

Ensuring whether the scaffolding tools are at a safe distance of minimum ten (10) feet from the power lines.

To check whether the right type of scaffolding materials are used for the job.

Inspecting the connected planks for cracks, holes or any other faults.

To ensure the use of guardrails and mid-rails.

At the construction site, examining the performance of the crew members.