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Comparison for patented and suspended scaffolding system

Date:2018-07-27      Views:195      Tag:Scaffolding system-made for smoothly of each engineering project

We’ve talked about trestle and steel scaffolding system in last essay. Today, we would have a comparison for patented and suspended scaffolding system. No matter which kind of scaffolding system, original material would be necessary for security and each kind of guarantee.

Patented scaffolding system(the left one on the picture) is made from steel. Under this situation, they would have fitted with special couplings and frames which would make them guarantee the worker’s safety. And it is adjustable to the required demands for customers so that the workers can work conveniently.

For suspended scaffolding system(the right one on the picture) would be mainly used among paintings, repairs works. Our company would also call it scaffolding staircase for wholesale. With the movable design, it can be lifted or lowered to the desired level.