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Checklist for scaffolding accessories maintenance

Date:2018-08-13      Views:290      Tag:seamless steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe

Check work would be an important part for the scaffolding accessories maintenance. As supplier of scaffolding system, hunanworld would have a topic discussion for the checklist of it today. And we all hope this would give you help once you read it.


First of all, no matter you are a builder or contractor, once you need to purchase the scaffolding accessories, you should install these tools according the the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Secondly, during the whole transported process, we should ensure they are stored appropriately using the right storage systems. Under this situation, we will protect them from any damage during the whole process.

What’s more, scaffolding accessories should be ideally stored in proper damp-free, frost-free environments.

Finally, inspecting scaffolds at regular intervals and if you spot any general deterioration or damage then provide necessary repairs and/or refurbishment.