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Advantages of fastener scaffolding system

Date:2018-04-09      Views:234      Tag:Scaffolding system-made for smoothly of each engineering project

There are multifarious types of scaffolding system from material's difference, structure's difference and so on. Today, we would like to have a view for the advantages of fastener scaffolding system


1. Large bearing capacity. This would be a big advantage for bearing capacity during the engineering work. When the geometric dimensions and construction of the scaffold meet the relevant requirements of the specification, generally speaking, the bearing capacity of the single-column column of the scaffold can reach 15kN to 35kN (1.5tf to 3.5tf, design value).

2. Convenient installation and flexible installation. It is easy to adjust for the length of the steel pipe and the fasteners are easily connected, so it can adapt to various planes and facades of scaffolds for buildings and structures.